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Smart Media & Marketing for the Smart World

Green Zebra Smart Media offers a full spectrum of agency services, including creative, digital marketing, advertising, public relations, sponsorship development and more.

We focus these services on creating the strategies, tactics and assets that empower our exclusive Smart Media Wi-Fi marketing platforms to monetize advertising campaigns and sponsorships in Smart Stadiums, Arenas, Airports, Campuses, Hotels and Cities. If you’re a venue or a brand looking to fast-track growth in today’s Smart World,

Are you a venue? Learn how we can transform guest Wi-Fi networks, IPTV feeds and digital signage into a customer engagement powerhouse that creates valuable revenue streams for Smart Venues, including stadiums, arenas, airports, campuses, hotels and even cites.

Are you an advertiser or agency looking for targeted, captive audiences who want to receive your digital ads and offers? Our exclusive closed-loop Wi-Fi marketing platforms in Smart Venues give you access to tens of thousands of opt-in users who are ready to buy.

Are you looking for sponsorship opportunities that showcase your brand, products and services to tens of thousands of rabid sports fans, travelers, students and other prime consumer targets? Or the entire population of a city? Our sponsorships redefine ROI.

Smart Agency

We combine cutting-edge strategies with the best of digital and traditional marketing and communications tactics. Then we apply them to everything from advertising to analytics, branding and corporate identity to websites to whitepapers, SEO and CRO to video. Soup to nuts.

We measure, monitor and analyze almost everything we implement, and constantly tailor improvements that optimize the performance and return on your marketing investments.

Yes, we use artificial intelligence and big data and massive metrics and other next-gen technologies to dive deep into the consumer mind, anticipate needs and drive decision making.

But in the final analysis, it’s the intelligence, imagination and ingenuity of our people that empower us to push the boundaries of innovation, let creativity run wild and deliver outstanding results.

Our people make us a Smart Agency. The smart choice for any brand ready to take on the Smart World.

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Smart Marketing

Our totally secure Smart Media Wi-Fi marketing channels give you and your advertisers and sponsors the power to speak directly to every fan or visitor in your venue or city. It enables you to engage, interact, inform, entertain, sell and even transact business with one consumer or tens of thousands of consumers. All in real time.

It also enables you to capture and analyze huge amounts of real-time user data that yields valuable new insights about your audience and how they respond to the messages, promotions and offers you send.

This is the first marketing platform that enables you to monetize your free public Wi-Fi network, to transform it from an expensive convenience into a revenue-generating machine.

Our Technology Partners

Green Zebra Smart Networks is part of GZ6G Technologies Corp., a family of smart digital technology companies that is building the smart 5G and WI-FI 6 world.
GZ6G (dba Green Zebra) provides integrated, enterprise Smart Solutions that empower Smart Cities, Venues and Business.
Each of its four independent subsidiaries creates innovative smart products and services that support GZ6G enterprise clients.
Their specialized expertise can also be contracted separately.

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Your challenges are our top priority. From project work to strategic relationships, from digital and traditional marketing and communication services to cutting-edge solutions powered by advanced technologies, put our smart people and deep expertise to work.

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